3 Tips for B2B Ad Campaigns on Meta

3 Tips for B2B Ad Campaigns on Meta

Last week, Meta launched a new set of audience segments for business-to-business advertising. This update gives advertisers new options for building personalized campaigns for business decision-makers across Facebook and Instagram.

While advertising on Meta has had some challenges in recent times—thanks to privacy changes like Apple’s iOS 14.5 update—Meta’s broad reach still draws marketers to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. And with new business-to-business audience targeting features, Meta appears to be going after the reigning champion of professional platforms: LinkedIn.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the opportunities presented by this update and how to successfully add Meta to B2B campaigns.

New audience segments for B2B advertisers

Meta already deploys ads to precise audiences based on targeted advertising options. Improved segmentation lets advertisers create even more sophisticated campaigns for each audience, making your ads much more likely to secure clicks.

Meta now includes four new targeting options specifically for B2B advertising:

  • The IT decision-makers segment targets ads to IT leaders, based on their job titles
  • The business decision-maker titles and interests segment targets ads to business leaders, based on their job titles and interests
  • The business decision-makers segment targets leaders in engineering, IT, operations, HR, strategy, and marketing, based on job titles alone
  • The new active business segments target admins of businesses that launched in the last six months, twelve months, or 24 months

With these updates, marketers can build campaigns that are much more likely to reach—and resonate with—potential customers based on professional experience and interests.

This pivot could signal a sea change for B2B advertising. While LinkedIn has historically been the platform of choice for B2B advertisers, it is designed intentionally for a niche group of users. According to Meta, more than 200 million businesses and 2.9 billion people use Meta apps daily. That is a vast potential audience. The new audience targeting options make it much easier to narrow that audience into precise segments. For the first time marketers may have a viable option to supplement traditional LinkedIn campaigns with Meta advertising’s broad reach. 

Maximize the potential of every audience

B2B marketers may choose to seize the opportunities presented by these new targeting options by investing more of their marketing spend in Meta Ads. This decision could prove valuable—or costly. If your targeted ads direct to a low-quality customer experience, for example, you’ll lose potential customers and waste your ad budget.

Our recommendation: Focus on building high-quality customer journeys with the three tips below—before taking advantage of these targeting options.

Improved audience targeting is only the beginning of the customer journey 

If you attract potential customers with targeted messaging, you need those visitors to take action. If they bounce, your investment in targeted ad traffic goes to waste, no matter what platform you’re on or how specific your audience segments are. 

The solution: Create a seamless ad-to-page customer journey. Connect targeted ads to high-quality landing pages that build on the ad’s messaging and design.

Lead quality > Lead quantity 

B2B customer journeys are typically longer than B2C journeys, since decision-makers need to demonstrate a return on investment for every buying decision. The expanded targeting options will allow advertisers to focus on individual decision-makers, making every click from this audience a valuable potential lead.

The solution: Craft your customer journey around your audience. Those who nurture leads with an impeccable conversion experience will be most successful in securing high-value leads.  Every ad, landing page, and sales interaction should be focused on the unique pain points and needs of a specific decision-making audience (from CMOs to individual contributors).

Retargeting campaigns improve lifetime customer value 

While initial ad clicks are important, the ad traffic you receive from Facebook and Instagram isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If a potential customer bounces from your landing page, you need an effective way to retarget those visitors for messaging in the future.

The solution: Give potential customers another chance to convert. Your landing pages need to feature the Meta Pixel to retarget missed leads and capture a better audience share.

A more personalized future

Meta’s new audience segments open up more ways for marketers to reach business decision-makers than ever before. Plus, advertisers can now leverage Meta features like dynamic ad formats to scale their digital ads in ways that aren’t available on LinkedIn. As the industry turns towards automation and AI, and scalable personalization becomes more widespread, these features could decide the battle for B2B digital advertising. 

Personalized customer journeys that are consistent and relevant to users at every step are increasingly becoming the norm for digital marketers—in every industry and sector. It’s a key component of success for every marketer—and why we at Postclick focus so heavily on leveraging automated optimization to increase conversions for our customers.

Schedule a meeting with our conversion experts to find out how your current landing page experiences are performing including page performance, campaign relevance for your target audience segments, speed insights, and competitive benchmarking so you can see how your results compare with your industry. There’s no commitment required, just an hour of your time. Request your conversion analysis here.

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