Post-Click Automation: The Key to Scaling Digital Advertising Success

Post-Click Automation: The Key to Scaling Digital Advertising Success

Digital advertisers are often obsessed with optimizing the pre-click side of the ad funnel and spend hefty budgets on buying ads. So much weight is placed on securing that ever-elusive click that advertisers completely overlook optimizing the post-click experience. And yet, this is where visitors turn into customers.

Marketers have historically been deterred by the amount of energy, time, resources, and expertise that the process of perfecting the post-click stage demands. But now, they can lean on Post-Click Automation to boost conversions and test the limits of their digital advertising success. 

What is Post-Click Automation?

Post-Click Automation (PCA) is a new category of marketing technology that enables marketers to maximize advertising conversions by automating the creation, optimization, and experimentation of post-click landing page experiences. 

By applying automated processes and artificial intelligence, PCA enables marketers to quickly roll out high-converting landing pages that are personalized for targeted audience segments. This speed of delivery means that marketers can truly achieve 1:1 personalization and optimize the post-click stage to its maximum potential.

How does Post-Click Automation help?

To accomplish the best results, marketers need to optimize every single stage of the advertising funnel. 

Digital advertisers now have a variety of sophisticated tools and platforms at their disposal for ad optimization, e-commerce, marketing automation, and customer relationship management (CRM). But most marketers neglect the post-click stage—where the actual customer conversion happens. That’s where PCA comes in.

Landing page optimization has traditionally been hindered by the time and resources needed to produce well-designed, high-quality experiences. Not only that, but perfecting the post-click experience involves personalizing landing pages to match their respective ads, stage of the customer journey, and targeted audience segment. Achieving all of that manually is nearly impossible, so marketers can now rely on PCA to automate the process and maximize success. 

What’s involved with Post-Click Automation?

Four pillars make up Post-Click Automation:

  • Ad mapping enables you to visualize the advertising funnel and connect ad networks to specific page experiences. This saves time and keeps you organized so you always know which ad connects to which post-click landing page.
  • Personalization allows you to deliver hyper-relevant landing pages, tailoring each experience based on the ad, visitor behavior, stage in the customer journey, demographics, and psychographics. 
  • Automated creation is key to scaling post-click success. Using technology to speed up landing page production means you can deliver a large quantity of high-quality, personalized pages. And that means you can focus more on strategy. 
  • Optimization & artificial intelligence enable you to attain sustainable lifts in conversion rate through continuous experimentation and machine learning insights, ensuring the best possible results.

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