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Audien is a direct-to-consumer healthcare technology business that aims to make affordable and effective hearing aids available to anyone who needs them. Audien offers their customers the aids they need, delivered straight to their doors.


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About Audien Hearing

Audien is a direct-to-consumer healthcare technology business that aims to make affordable and effective hearing aids available to anyone who needs them. Unlike the traditional (and expensive) process of working with audiologists and hearing centers to find high-quality hearing aids, Audien offers their customers the aids they need, delivered straight to their doors.

Rolling out new [landing page versions] and tuning everything on a more granular basis—mapping out things like traffic source A goes to content B—will add value.

Zack Hubbard, Chief Marketing Officer, Audien Hearing
A lack of resources

Audien prides itself on being a scrappy team. As a newer company to this space, they understood the need to increase brand awareness and establish credibility. Because they couldn’t rely on doctors to recommend their products, advertising directly to patients became a core part of their marketing strategies.

Their ability to function with a small team has given Audien flexibility and an agile approach, but it presented obstacles in their ability to optimize, experiment, and scale landing page creation. They sought to improve the quality of their landing pages to build credibility but didn’t have access to a team of designers to lead this task. Due to this limitation, they unilaterally drove ad campaign traffic to their homepage. Audien saw Postclick as an opportunity to scale their personalization abilities and inject a much-needed level of CRO expertise in their post-click strategies.

Now that we have the different [landing pages] we can really get intense with our strategies, and be thinking about ‘what audience should we be using here?’ Let’s tie the messaging of the creative asset, the copy, the headline—all of that tying into the landing page.

Zack Hubbard, Chief Marketing Officer, Audien Hearing
Taking a more granular approach

Zack Hubbard, Chief Marketing Officer at Audien, knew the company needed to seek external tools to overcome their lack of staffing. After receiving a referral from a colleague, Zack looked into Postclick and decided to vet the potential impact the platform could make on their campaign results. He was immediately interested in Postclick’s promise to deliver increased conversions.

The conversion experts at Postclick conducted a complimentary analysis of Audien’s current campaigns to assess opportunities for improvement. The results identified an opportunity for a 10% lift in their conversion rate. Audien saw the value in Postclick’s plan to diversify the post-click experiences of their paid traffic. They were excited about Postclick’s ability to help them craft more personalized conversion journeys.

Postclick’s first initiative was to deploy a revamped landing page to run as a part of the company’s current campaigns. The new page was a general-purpose landing page with the goal of improving on conversion-focused value propositions for their product. Audien saw an immediate jump in conversion rates. In only 14 days, this revamped page outperformed their homepage with a 14.94% lift in conversion.

After initial wins in experimentation, Audien trusted Postclick with expanded efforts in personalization and segmentation. Working with Audien to understand their consumer base, Postclick crafted unique landing pages focused on the needs of Audien’s different audience segments. The first personalization variation centered on their products’ affordability value proposition. Tested against their original homepage, the more personalized page produced a 15.04% difference in conversion rate.

The next personalized variation was aimed at their products’ emotional value to customers. With copy highlighting the ability to never miss a life moment with perfect hearing, the new variation outperformed the original landing page with a 175% difference in conversion success.


With each new experience, Postclick took Audien’s experimentation to the next level. Postclick’s platform enabled the company to run split testing among all their new variations to dynamically target the highest-performing pages for each customer. In only 56 days, Postclick exceeded Audien’s expectations of a 10% lift, instead achieving a 19.47% lift in CRV.

Next steps

After the proven results from their initial testing, Audien plans to invest deeper into their personalization goals. They see opportunities to use their learnings and insights from the personalized testing to revamp their existing post-click experiences. Deploying these new pages at scale will allow them to be more responsive to user behavior in the future. Audien continues to test the Postclick platform’s capabilities as they move forward with new product rollouts.