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Statwax is a full-service digital agency that specializes in student acquisition and enrollment for higher education institutions. While their client list includes some SaaS companies, Statwax has developed a reputation for driving increased enrollments and lower student acquisition costs for colleges and universities.


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About Statwax

Statwax is a full-service digital agency that specializes in student acquisition and enrollment for higher education institutions. While their client list includes some SaaS companies, Statwax has developed a reputation for driving increased enrollments and lower student acquisition costs for colleges and universities. Their clients include University of Missouri, Purdue University, and University of Miami. Statwax services include digital ads, paid search, social media advertising, and digital video, and they have built dedicated CRO and SEO divisions.

The situation and business challenges

Statwax’s client base consists of higher education institutions who seek to attract students to enroll in their programs. Higher education presents several unique challenges for digital advertisers. Deciding where to attend college can be one of the most important decisions of a person’s life. Many factors weigh into these decisions, including cost, location, campus life, academics, and more. This requires advertisers to use precise targeting to match ads to the right candidates and nurture leads from application to enrollment.

The biggest challenge is that it has to feel like a 1:1 marketing conversation…It’s so life-changing that every higher-ed prospect needs to feel like we’re talking directly to them.


Another major challenge that Statwax faced was with their clients’ web pages. University web pages tend to be old-fashioned and difficult to navigate. They generally contain a vast amount of information about the university and cannot be easily changed. This made it challenging for Statwax to create highly personalized campaigns, as they would terminate at a daunting and impersonal university landing page that Statwax could not easily customize.

Statwax saw the opportunity to provide better value for their clients by creating personalized landing pages for ad visitors. Yet the answer to this challenge wasn’t immediately apparent. Statwax wasn’t scaled to provide web design services to their clients. Even if they had a talented web designer, that person would have to work across multiple large university websites, each with its own architecture and restrictions.

Although their campaigns were driving acceptable results for their clients, Statwax President Brian Walker wanted to bridge this gap and provide personalized experiences that could be a one-to-one conversation with a candidate all the way to enrollment. A business partner recommended that Statwax reach out to Postclick to solve their landing page needs.

Postclick unlocks CRO capabilities

Statwax recognized the opportunity presented by custom landing page experiences for potential applicants. Rather than wait for the right moment, Statwax decided to develop test landing pages for their clients to demonstrate the potential impact on enrollments.

We could show them so much more value by doing just a couple of pages for them, even if it was free. All of a sudden it would open the doors to the possibilities we could provide as an agency.


Easy-to-use application speeds production

From day one, Postclick unlocked CRO capabilities for Statwax without the need to build a web development team. The landing page builder’s ease of use allowed Brian to assign designers and campaign managers to work directly in the tool. The team leveraged saved templates and global content blocks to create experiences consistent with the long-established brands of their university clients.
Brian Walker was impressed with how easy it was to implement landing page updates on Postclick. “I don’t have web dev knowledge. I can go in and add hidden fields to a form and set up tracking for different parameters and push it live to one of our landing pages in five minutes. It’s that easy to use.”

Using Postclick, Statwax was able to rapidly deploy landing page experiences for their clients. Statwax was able to bring these experiences from concept design to live deployment in approximately five business days, including QA testing for form integration. They estimate that they are ten times faster in deploying new and relevant landing pages since starting with Postclick. The ability to deploy templates and global blocks helps Statwax to cut down on redundant design and copywriting work, and enables quick and easy tweaks without back-end development needs.


Statwax has seen demonstrable success since partnering with Postclick, and have been able to demonstrate incredible value to their clients.

In one instance, Statwax was tasked with helping a client diagnose and improve their landing page challenges. The client had recently published a new website design that was not developed based on conversion-optimized design principles. When the new website launch resulted in a decrease in conversions, Statwax was brought on board to identify the issues and provide a solution.

Statwax used Postclick to re-design and re-deploy the web pages in order to test whether the new website design was the cause of the traffic decrease. Statwax leveraged Postclick templates and content blocks to create a test version of the landing page that featured personalized content, better form design, and a reorganized flow. The pages were compared against each other in a split test. In this test, the page designed around Postclick conversion best practices outperformed the client’s design by nearly 7x and drove significantly higher conversions.


Postclick has allowed Statwax to unlock new opportunities for their business and implement better ad experiences for every client. The intuitive user interface and wide selection of tools, all in one platform, allowed them to quickly offer more value to their clients. They now include Postclick experiences as a core part of their services.

We started to realize not only the speed at which we could deploy things to help our ad efforts from day one, but also the ability to test, and tweak, and split traffic, and start reporting on CRO things to help our clients do better with their overall website traffic.