Report: 2021 Advertising Trends and Predictions

The Guide to Solving Your Conversion Problem

Generating a higher percentage of conversions on your ads can be broken down into more than just getting more clicks. Your products or offerings deserve a multi-pronged, strategic approach which will lead to higher ROAS.

As we increase the ways we connect with consumers, it’s critical to carve new revenue opportunities and ensure that our advertising is personal, meaningful, and relevant. Reexamining your current strategy can lead to incremental wins for your advertising campaigns and your organization’s overall ROI.

What’s inside

  • check image Best practices in message-matching and UX
  • check image Click-through analysis for healthy conversion rates
  • check image Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) as an advertising metric
  • check image Cost per conversion analysis
  • check image Successful audience and offer pairings

Higher Conversions Start Here

After reading our guide, you can receive a complimentary, comprehensive analysis of your current advertising funnel, complete with industry benchmarking and competitive analysis.

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