Report: 2021 State of Ad Personalization
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The State of the Post-Click Automation Industry

As consumers shift their spending in a dynamic advertising climate, personalization helps smart advertisers realize the results they have been missing.

To achieve ad-to-page relevancy at scale and maximize ROAS, post-click automation (PCA) is your best strategy. PCA represents a breakthrough in the advertising industry by enabling brands to match their ad targeting to the post-click landing page.

What’s inside

  • check image The 4 pillars of post-click automation (PCA)
  • check image Why current software falls short of post-click personalization
  • check image Industry-specific data on landing page conversion rates
  • check image How automated creation and AI provide advertising relevancy at scale
  • check image 4 key trends to help you track your performance with the future of digital advertising
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