Why We Offer Postclick as a Tech-Enabled Service

Why We Offer Postclick as a Tech-Enabled Service

For advertisers looking to boost conversion, the options are growing, but they’re not necessarily improving. Alone, software and service companies are only capable of so much. Seeking to combine the best of both categories is an emerging class of business known as a “tech-enabled service company.” These hybrids offer the scalability of software and the expertise of seasoned personnel. 

Postclick, a new tech-enabled service founded to improve advertising conversion, puts the industry’s only Post-Click Automation solution in the hands of an expert team. Together we offer clients a way to boost campaign relevance better than any tool or service alone. Our proprietary software enables personalization at scale, and conversion experts ensure every message is optimized for conversion. Here’s how Postclick and other tech-enabled service companies are changing the game. 

What is a tech-enabled service company?

A tech-enabled service company uses proprietary technology to fulfill clients’ needs more efficiently than SaaS companies, service companies, or in-house staff. They combine an expert team with automation technology to offer the same quality service as a traditional firm, but more streamlined and affordable.  

While there are many ways to define a tech-enabled service, they all have the traits above in common. Consider a few other popular definitions:

from AGC Partners:

tech-enabled services definition

from Index Ventures:

tech-enabled service Index Ventures definition

Whether they provide “superhumans-as-a-service,” these tech-enabled service companies are the next evolution of agencies and software. And the demand for them is sure to increase.

The difference between tech-enabled services and other companies

Tech-enabled service companies offer the best of both worlds, as a hybrid of a traditional service company and a tech or SaaS company. 

  • A tech or SaaS company develops its software and sells it to customers who must use it themselves to achieve the desired outcome.
  • A service company provides a service to its customers that those customers cannot, due to lack of resources or knowledge, provide themselves.
  • A tech-enabled service company uses its technology to provide a service to customers in a faster, better, more affordable fashion than customers can themselves. 

Proprietary software power tech-enabled service companies, unlike a traditional service company. Automation makes them leaner, faster, and more operationally cost-efficient. That means they can offer high-quality services at a lower cost than providers bogged down by traditional and expensive human processes. 

The 5 main benefits of using a tech-enabled service

With powerful tech and dedicated experts, tech-enabled services appeal to brands for these five reasons: 

  • More affordable than premium service providers. By relying on automation over traditional human processes, tech-enabled services curb operational costs. They can serve more clients with fewer resources, and the benefit is affordability to the client. 
  • Experts in their technology. Tech-enabled services haven’t just invested in tech; they’ve made tech the heart of their business. They’re experts in the technology used to achieve your business goal, and they know how to use it to its potential to get you the best results possible.
  • Faster results than premium software. The time it takes to train an employee is more costly than it seems. The obvious cost to businesses is the time it takes to learn software that can be spent performing higher priority tasks. Less obvious are the results of business sacrifices during the learning phase of the employee. Outsourcing to a tech-enabled company means investing in immediate results and eliminating the time it takes to learn the software.
  • Knowledge security. With traditional software, employees train to become efficient over time. If these employees leave, get promoted, or are unavailable, their knowledge of the software goes with them. At best, you sacrifice short-term efficiency. At worst, you have to re-invest in new employee training. With a tech-enabled service, you can be confident that your experts’ knowledge base isn’t going anywhere.
  • Completely hands-off. Even beyond the cost of training, there is the cost of maintaining and using the software. Clients of tech-enabled services eliminate the long-term cost of time spent using a tool that can quickly add up. Even 15 minutes a day using a tool adds up to around 60 hours over the year. 

How is Postclick a tech-enabled service?

Every paid advertisement needs its own dedicated post-click experience. This continues personalization throughout the campaign, which boosts relevance and trust. Postclick enables businesses to scale page production and to do even more with less. 

This new tech-enabled service combines the company’s one-of-a-kind Post-Click Automation (PCA) software with its conversion experts to completely offload post-click management from your plate: 

post-click technology pillars

You get better results, faster, and free yourself from constant page creation. No developers, no training, no hassle, just better advertising conversion results. 

Who is Postclick for?

Traditional landing page platforms typically suit advertisers who spend between $10k and $30k per month. At this level, users create their own pages. 

Over $30k, though, and there’s more work than most in-house teams can handle with a simple landing page platform. At this level of spend, audiences have typically been segmented to the point that managing a post-click experience for each would hamstring a business significantly. Postclick was built for them. 

Armed with a robust PCA platform and conversion intelligence, Postclick enables enterprises to go from 100 to 1000’s of personalized experiences immediately. And they can do so with the confidence that their conversions are in the hands of an expert team. 

How does Postclick work?

When you partner with Postclick, our conversion experts learn all they need to know to represent your brand like an in-house marketing department. More than a partner, our goal is to operate as an extension of your business. To that end, we gain an intimate understanding of your visual design, tone of voice, market positioning, target audience, advertising, and content strategy during onboarding. Mostly, it’s a two-step process:

  • We first run a detailed audit and analysis of your digital ad campaigns. Here, we identify the biggest opportunities for you to drive more conversions and revenue through ad-to-page personalization.
  • Then, we execute the production and optimization of personalized post-click experiences for your high-value campaigns, applying personalization profiling and conversion-centric design on every experience.

At the conclusion, the Postclick team will create, run, maintain, and optimize personalized post-click experiences while reporting on key performance indicators throughout. 

Why is Postclick your best option for maximizing conversions?

The team at Postclick has been responsible for boosting advertising conversions for the better part of a decade. And in that time, we’ve helped over 500 enterprise brands achieve better results. We’ve also noticed a troubling phenomenon: While individual solutions for landing page creation, ad tracking, conversion optimization, etc., are standard, conversion rates across industries still suffer.

The reason is twofold: talent and expertise in the post-click stage are difficult to find in such a relatively new area of specialization. And this inexperience is exacerbated by a lack of capable technology. 

We formed Postclick To address these issues by handpicking a team of seasoned experts and arming them with proprietary industry-first technology. Advertisers get the best of both worlds: improved advertising conversion with none of the hassle of management. 

Postclick’s technology employs a full suite of tools to generate more conversions: 

  • 1:1 Ad-to-page personalization 
  • Two-way sync landing pages to Google Ads
  • Automated creation
  • Built-in team collaboration 
  • Experimentation & AI
  • Heat maps

We would like to offer you a complimentary analysis of your ad campaigns. The analysis will include a review of your campaigns to analyze post-click health, we will compare your site against industry and competitive benchmarks, and identify the most effective opportunities to increase your ROAS. Request your analysis here.

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