A Look Inside: How Postclick Can Guarantee Higher Advertising Conversions

For most B2C marketers, delivering hyper-relevant ad-to-page experiences at scale for their Google and Facebook ad campaigns is no simple task. It requires resources and time investments that ultimately slow down growth.

We Promise Results:

Postclick has pioneered a solution to this challenge. Our post-click automation technology has helped marketers achieve up to 200% lifts in conversion rates. The same way insurance companies evaluate probabilities and assess guaranteed coverage, we use calculated analysis to deploy strategies that guarantee success‒without raising costs.

In fact, Postclick is offering new customers a guaranteed lift in conversions, or your money back.

Watch founder Tyson Quick discuss why he’s so confident in the results Postclick creates for our customers and learn about an opportunity to join the Postclick platform at no risk with our money back guarantee.

You’ll learn:

  • Vector-8 How Postclick’s conversion health analysis pinpoints opportunities for improvement
  • Vector-8 Benefits of landing page optimization at scale
  • Vector-8 How to fuel continual experimentation with data insights from millions of landing pages

In conversation with:

Tyson Quick

Tyson Quick

Founder and CGO

Ryan McHugh

Ryan McHugh

Performance Analytics & Growth Manager


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