Adweek: Adapting Your Personalization Strategy for Shifting Budgets and Consumer Spending

One thing is very clear about marketing today: Consumers want personalization. In fact, surveys have found that 90% of buyers find non-personal brand messaging “annoying.” You can understand why there is so much backlash against advertising. But when you’re building out a personalization strategy, it is critical to remember that the one-to-one experience must continue beyond the ad. Never has that been more important than during today’s time of shifting budgets.

Learn how to:

  • check image Increase relevance with post-click personalization
  • check image Use personalization to drive higher conversions
  • check image Unlock additional value from existing ad spend
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Meet the speaker


Tyson Quick

CEO & Founder, Postclick

Tyson Quick is the Founder and CEO of Postclick, the leader in delivering advertising conversions for consumer brands. After years of seeing advertisers lose money in underperforming campaigns, his mission has been to automate advertising conversion.

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