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Eight B2C Digital Advertising Predictions for 2022

Wednesday Dec 8, 2021一11 am PT / 2 pm ET

Digital advertising technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past few years—and recent announcements by big tech show that this trend will continue into next year. We invite you to join us for our annual fireside chat on B2C digital advertising predictions for 2022. We'll examine the rising emphasis on personalization in an automation-first world, and discuss strategies leading brands have used to get ahead of the curve.

Introducing the Speakers

Learn from innovative experts Tyson Quick, Postclick Founder, and Imran Syed, SVP of Professional Services at Postclick, as they discuss how to monitor and adapt to rising demands from both the advertising industry and modern online consumer expectations.

You’ll learn:

  • Vector-7 How AI is revolutionizing the digital advertising industry
  • Vector-7 Reduced data visibility on digital advertising platforms and how you should prepare
  • Vector-7 What role a human specialist plays in keeping machine learning experiences relevant and authentic

In conversation with:


Tyson Quick

Founder and CGO

Tyson (1)

Imran Syed

SVP Professional Services