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Propel Growth with Relevant Ad-to-Page Experiences

What would it mean for your business if conversion rates for your digital advertising campaigns increased by 75%? One in five landing page visitors say they are ready to convert if given the right content at the right time. Relevant ad-to-page experiences can help you achieve higher conversion rates.

Introducing the speakers

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Join thought leaders from Postclick and BritBox, a British TV streaming service with 2 million subscribers. They will explore the impact of personalized, relevant online experiences on subscriptions and revenue.

You’ll learn:

  • Vector-10 How to deliver relevancy and personalization at scale
  • Vector-10 Four traits of high-converting landing page experiences
  • Vector-10 How BritBox grew the lifetime value of their subscribers

In conversation with:

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Bhavisha Oza

Senior Director
Demand Generation

Gabriella Monnington - Headshot 1 1

Gabriella Monnington

Conversion Optimisation
Programme Manager

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